Meet Jorgette

Jorgette Simpson is a prenatal and postpartum massage therapist. She has been massaging for the last 12 years and is originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Jorgette loves fitness and wellness.... Yoga and juice are some of her favorite things. She enjoys working out and spending time with her family and friends. Jorgette loves to heal and help those in need. She absolutely loves children so prenatal massage is just that much more sweet.

Jorgette Simpson, Manna Massage and wellness

McKinney, Texas


What brought you into the world of pregnant and postpartum women?

My current clients pulled me in lol A couple of my clients got pregnant at the same time. They were very adamant about only coming to me, so after some time of hiding out I decided to get certified. Everything fell into place afterward.

How is prenatal massage different from regular massage?

There isn't much difference between the prenatal and regular massage. However when a woman is well into her 2nd trimester the massage is usually performed side lying. Also, there is more caution when working on the legs to prevent thrombus or blood clots. Other Contraindications are high blood pressure and diabetes. Usually, the client will have to consult their Midwife/ Physician for clearance. During prenatal massage, you will still be able to receive a full body massage.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

Prenatal massage therapy has a plethora of benefits while carrying. It's very helpful with sleeping and getting rest. Massage keeps you more calm and at peace while pregnant. It also can assist with easing birth due to loosening of the hips. It offers structural support and keeps the bones aligned. An experienced massage therapist can assist with creating space in the diaphragm for better breathing. We also help keep inflammation down with lymphatic drainage dry brushing.

In your experience, does having a prenatal massage once in a while help with a positive experience of labor?

In my experience having prenatal massage regularly and weekly in the third trimester gives best results in labor. Massage is a preventative solution and takes time to work. The more consistent you are with your session the better your experience will be most of the time.


Are there any contraindications for a pregnant woman to be receiving a prenatal massage?

Yes, there are several Contraindications for Prenatal Massage. We like to make sure moms are not experiencing high-risk pregnancy.

Typically we would need clearance from their caretaker to proceed if possible with therapy.

What are the benefits of postnatal massage?

The advantages of postpartum massage is the ability to release pent up trauma or tension the body may be carrying from the birthing process. The body will need to rest, rejuvenate and eventually recover, as well as the mind and soul.

Massage is a great way to cover all of the bases. Allowing the muscles to release pressure helps to activate the endorphins in the body (feel good hormones). If a mom is experiencing ppd, regular hot stone massages are a great way to assist in bringing up her mood. Also just having the opportunity to focus on yourself and giving yourself selfcare helps refill your cup of love you have to nourish your little one. Oftentimes the mother gets left out of care in the fourth trimester because most of the focus turns to the new baby. So this is time for her to be nurtured as well...


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