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Hey there, I'm Sophia!

About 10 years ago my husband and I packed our whole lives in two suit cases and moved across the ocean to the US. I was born and raised in Ukraine and when an opportunity arose we decided to make the big move. We started our life here from scratch…it took us a while, but we are happy that we ended up here in Texas, where we decided to settle down and grow our family.

As long as I can remember, camera has always been a part of my life, from Polaroid back in 90's, film cameras to now DSLR and mirrorless.

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Fast forward to me now as a mom of three children - camera does not leave my sight either. I absolutely love chasing my kiddos around the house and documenting their childhood.

Why I became a Birth Photographer?

After giving birth to my first child, I felt extremely empowered, I couldn't stop repeating to myself "I did it". I even told my husband that he was so lucky to have witnessed this miracle - I was truly jealous.  

When I became pregnant with our second baby, I realized that I wanted to be a part of a birth team. While preparing for my home birth I felt the need to be a support person for moms.

Even though doing birth photography is not considered "support" during labor, the ability to show the power and strength is. 


I wish I had hired a birth photographer for all of my births...but I only had one at my last birth. It was the best decision ever.

Birth Photography is not only about birth, it documents a multitude of events, emotions, and feelings. Looking back at your birth will allow you to see the transformation and, of course, the moment you met your baby.


My passion

Sophia Grisham

dallAs fort worth birth photographer

One other thing that you need to know about me is that, besides birth, I'm also passionate about normalizing breastfeeding. I've breastfed all of my three children and I know, even though how hard it may be, what it means to each mom, how precious this special bond is. 


As a birth photographer, who also loves documenting her motherhood journey, I have plenty of my breastfeeding photos that I know I will cherish forever. 


That is why, to commemorate this loving journey, during World Breastfeeding Week, I offer free breastfeeding mini-sessions in exchange for diaper donations that go to women's centers.


Meeting these moms and being able to document their breastfeeding connection brings me real joy - it nurtures my soul.

Dallas Fort Worth Birth Photographer

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I'm so happy you ended up on the page about me!

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Sophia. Birth. Photography is a Dallas Fort Worth birth photographer. She focuses on documenting raw birth and motherhood stories. Sophia serves families located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex (Dallas, Fort Worth, Allen, Plano, McKinney, Melissa, Anna, Van Alstyne, Arlington, Richardson, Little Elm).